Every visionary company regardless of its industry aims to enter new markets abroad through exports and expand its global portfolio. There can be various motivations driving the interest in entering new markets (such as creating alternatives for existing markets that have reached maturity, expanding the customer base, increasing foreign currency revenues, etc). However, whatever the reason for the drive to exports is, entering a new market overseas necessitates a multidimensional marketing strategy to be formulated and effectively implemented. Independently from their industry, product range or scale, companies have to have a strategy of long term sustainability rather than short term gains, in order to successfully enter and last in a new foreign market.

We assist companies that aim to open up to new markets by helping to formulate and implement their export marketing strategies, and we equip them with result-oriented road maps that are based on data, research and field experience, with solutions that are concrete and practical, and in full compliance with the client’s objectives and priorities. We are not seeking one-time buyers for our clients’ products; instead we are creating a strategic export marketing plan, we establish the right kind of communication with the right kind of stakeholders, and we generate lasting and sustainable export processes.

Our strategic export marketing services is comprised of a number of stages, and while we are working on the export strategies of the companies that we are serving, we provide answers to the following questions:

  1. Situation analysis. Does the company have sufficient and adequate capacity for exporting? Which products are more suitable for exports? Which areas might require improvement? What are the relevant legal requirements, movements in global markets, demand for the product, costs, logistics options, etc? Who are the potential buyers (wholesalers, chain supermarkets, direct sales, etc)? What is the potential consumer profile like? How are his/her preferences shaped?
  2. Market research. In which countries is there a high demand for the company’s products? Should the company target all of these countries within a large portfolio, or should it focus on a particular country, or perhaps even a specific region of that country? What is the level of competition in the market? Who are the competitors? What kind of lessons can be drawn from previous stories of success and failure? What are the key parameters of the business environment in the particular country? What are the challenges and difficulties caused by regulations? Are there other barriers against market entry? Are there any incentives or support available for entering the particular country’s market?
  3. Strategic communication. How should communication be established and maintained with potential buyers, in which language, and through which means? What is the most efficient way of presenting and promoting the products? How should the necessary material for this purpose (such as brochures, catalogues, web sites, 3D modelling, users manuals, etc) designed? Is country-specific packaging and branding necessary? If so, how should it be done?
  4. Foreign trade execution. After the identification of buyers and conclusion of deals, does the company have sufficient capacity to execute the exporting process (e.g. is there an in-house export department and/or export executive)? If this is not the case, or if the company still needs support, how can the process be executed in a systematic and efficient manner?

Within the framework of our strategic export marketing advisory services, we provide holistic one-stop-shop solutions covering all the way from the preliminary situation analysis to the execution of the export deal. In order to ensure the smooth functioning of this process and for the needs of our clients to be met within a single package, we as Atlı Global have joined our forces with AD Kreatik, one of Turkey’s leading branding, corporate communication and design companies.

Details of this integrated strategic export marketing advisory service provided through the collaboration between Atlı Global and Atlı Global, together with our references and case studies will be available on a specialised web site that will be launched in October 2022. Please watch this space!

Entering a new market abroad is a challenging yet also highly rewarding processes. We will accompany you along the road…