With an economy rich in sectoral diversity as well as production and innovation capacity, a large and young population, a geographical location at the intersection of continents, Turkey has a profoundly important position within the global economy. All of these advantages enable Turkey to offer attractive trade and investment opportunities not only for multinational corporations but also for companies of any scale from other countries. In the meantime, those companies that want to succeed in the Turkish market are required to manage the related processes well, correctly assess the market dynamics, adapt to local conditions, thoroughly understand the reculations they are subject to, analyse and manage risk both actual and potential.

In all these areas Atlı Global provides support for multinational corporations and foreign companies of any scale and industry in order to help them to achieve their objectives in Turkey. We work with companies that want to invest in Turkey and/or expand their existing investments in the country, as well as with companies that are planning to capitalize on the country’s rich and cost-competitive product range by sourcing from Turkey. We offer one-stop-shop services to our clients covering all of their advisory needs for investing in or trading with Turkey, while we are also able to provide result-oriented solutions in specific areas demanded by our clients.

Industry and/or region-specific market research, risk analyses focusing on the entire country or parts of it, marketing communication, advisory on company establishment and legal issues such as compliance with regulations, procurement, employment etc, government relations and strategic relationship building with relevant stakeholders are among the services we are offering for multinationals and foreign companies that conduct business in/with Turkey or plan to do so.

In order to carry out all these processes in an efficient and harmonious manner and to meet all the needs of our customers in one single package, we as Atlı Global have combined our forces with Art Hukuk, a law office with wide international experience in the fields of corporate law, contracts and labor law.

Investing in Turkey or doing trade with Turkey is a process promising significant returns for foreign companies, but it is also one that requires the right steps to be taken at the right time. With our work, we support both the companies that are our clients and the Turkish economy itself.