At an event in 2017 where he addressed the world’s leading industrialists, policy makers and finance managers, the prominent Silicon valley investor Peter Thiel pointed to the challenges faced by globalisation. “No one in their right mind would start an organisation with the word ‘global’ in its title today”, he said.

Well, we did… A short while after these remarks, in 2019, Atlı Global commenced operations.

Peter Thiel is actually right. Globalisation has so far failed to deliver on its promises to the mankind. Borders were supposed to disappear; people, goods and capital were supposed to freely roam around the world, and this was supposed to bring about increased welfare for all. This did not happen. Today we are living in a world where walls are erected, protectionism and isolation are on the rise.

This, however, does not necessarily mean that globalisation is dead. Widespread use of developed technologies has ensured that globalisation is an irreversible process. Globalisation certainly has its problems, but we are still living in a global world. And in this world, everybody —people, companies, countries— are connected with and dependent on each other. This is why, instead of declaring the end of it, we have to be able to manage globalisation.

This is particularly crucial for businesses. In a global economy defined by linkages of trade and investment, and increasing relevance of cross-border supply chains, it is no more possible for companies to remain within the boundaries of their home country. The term “global” does not promise miracles for companies, but provides them with opportunities to improve their business and carry it forward to new dimensions under the condition that they are able to adequately manage the challenges of globalisation. Being “global” is now more difficult, yet still a necessity.

This is why we added “global” to our company’s name and embarked on our own journey. As Atlı Global, we provide business advisory services for clients navigating the dynamics of a rapidly transforming global economy, helping them to understand and adapt to changes, hedge against risks, and make the best of growth opportunities.

What we do is to equip our clients with customised, timely, data driven, analytically robust and theoretically informed solutions that are grounded in empirical reality in order to help them make their business decisions. While theoretical knowledge can remain too abstract for business purposes on its own, concrete field experience might not produce results either if it is not processed within an analytical framework. We work along the intersection lines of these two and generate the solutions that are needed.

Our services cover a wide yet carefully crafted range of areas including strategic export marketing advisory for global markets, Turkish market advisory services for international companies, country risk advisory for foreign markets, content partnership, and executive education. We utilise networks of knowledge and experience: We combine our in-house team with senior experts from Turkey and abroad to form the optimal team for the task in hand.

Our office is in Istanbul, Turkey, one of the most vibrant cities of the world, a Eurasian business hub connecting the two continents of Europe and Asia. Our clientele consists of Turkish companies and multinationals headquartered in Turkey with operations abroad, as well as international companies interested in doing business in Turkey and the wider Middle East region.

The “global” world is a complicated, constantly changing and profoundly ambiguous place for companies. However, for those who can interpret the change and manage the risks, it is also full with opportunities. Atlı Global can help you to effectively position yourself in this world…