Turkish Market Advisory

For international companies interested/involved in the Turkish market we offer one-stop-shop services covering all their needs for investing in or trading with Turkey, including but not limited to market research, risk analysis, marketing communication, legal advisory, government relations and strategic stakeholder relationship building.

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Country Risk Advisory

In order to support companies in their efforts to establish a long term presence overseas, we interpret the changing dynamics in the world and in the specific country, identify economic, political, geopolitical risks, prepare concrete and applicable action plans to help our clients to manage the risks within an optimal risk-return equation.

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Strategic Export Advisory

We assist companies aiming to open up to new markets by helping to formulate and implement export marketing strategies, equipping them with road maps based on research and field experience, with solutions that are concrete and practical.

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Content Partnership

We provide original content for corporate events and publications focusing on the global economy, emerging markets, geopolitical dynamics, and other relevant areas that are of interest for the business community at the local and global level.

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Executive Education

We offer tailor-made executive training programs for middle and senior level managers on global economic issues and geopolitics, in order to equip them with timely and adequate knowledge to support their decision making processes.

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