Developing companies’ in-house capabilities for navigating the rough waters of the global economy is is as important as, if not more, providing them with advisory services to the same end. For this purpose, Atlı Global tailor-made executive training programs for middle and senior level managers on global economic issues and geopolitics, in order to equip them with timely and adequate knowledge to support their decision making processes.

Executive education programs are designed in accordance with the needs and priorities of the client, and depending on the client’s preferences they are undertaken either at the company’s own premises, or at Atlı Global’s meeting rooms, or even online.

Some of the subjects covered in our executive education programs are as follows:

  • Transition in the global economy
  • Turkish economy and doing business in Turkey
  • Turkey’s international relations
  • Emerging markets
  • Chinese economy and doing business with China
  • Business in the European Union
  • Business in the Middle East
  • Foreign policy analysis for business executives
  • Fundamentals of corporate diplomacy
  • Fundamentals of business intelligence
  • Global geopolitics and its impact on business
  • New technologies and the future of business
  • Global value chains
  • Market entry strategies for SMEs

While we utilise our university partnerships to bring our education programs to MBA and other graduate level business students, we also rely on a pool of academic experts to teach in our programs for companies and institutions.

Referring to that famous story; we do not only give fish to our clients, we go fishing together!