Entering a new market abroad is a challenging yet vitally important process. What matters most is, however, not the market entry itself, but establishing a long term presence there, which can be only possible if companies can closely monitor the changing conditions in the country where they operate, adapt themselves accordingly, analyse and manage the risks that can/do occur.

Atlı Global assists companies in their efforts to establish a long term presence in overseas markets. We observe and interpret the changing dynamics in the world and in the specific country they are involved in, identify economic, political, geopolitical risks, and prepare concrete and applicable action plans to help our clients to manage the risks within an optimal risk-return equation. During this process we combine accurate and timely data and analysis with country and field expertise, and provide answers to the following questions:

  • What are the key dynamics of economic, political and societal change in the particular country and how is the company affected by this change?
  • Do the changes in the country’s economy lead to new risks and challenges with regard to the company’s operations? Which steps need to be taken in order to mitigate these risks?
  • What are the parameters of political and social change in the country? What are the related risk points and how is the company affected by them?
  • How is the particular country positioned within the changing global geopolitical currents? How and to what extent do the geopolitical developments affect the country?
  • How can the geopolitical risks identified, measured and managed?
  • What are the fundamental dynamics of the bilateral relationship between the company’s home and host countries? How is the company affected by the changes in this relationship?

Establishing a long term presence in an overseas market necessitates a correct reading of the economic and political changes in the country as well as the global and geopolitical trends. Atlı Global can make sure that you do this reading together with the experts of the field…